Henrey Roland Godfrey started to build GN cycle cars in 1910, together with Archibald Frazer-Nash. By 1911 they sold their first 2-cylinder car. Frazer-Nash left the Company in the mid-twenties to start his own company Frazer-Nash. Ron Godfrey approached Edward Halford in 1935 with a plan to develop a sports car. The HRG Company was founded in 1936 together with Guy Robbins joining in as 3rd partner. His automotive experience had been with Trojan, a car with a chain drive and solid rubber tires. The goal was to develop a car suitable for day-to-day driving and to compete in races or hill climbs.The Workshop was established in Kingston-on-Thames and the first car produced was a car with a 4-cilinder 1.5 Ltr. Meadows engine, In 1938 HRG announced the 1100 cc model using an engine from Singer Motors Ltd., superseded in 1939 by the 1500 cc Singer engine. 1938 was a good year for HRG, the HRG became the highest ranked British car at Le Mans. As an exception, HRG stayed in the business until 1966, having made a profit until the end.


  • 1935 – 1939: 1,5 Ltr. (26 produced)
  • 1938:               Airline Coupe (1 produced)
  • 1938 – 1950: 1100 (49 produced)
  • 1939 – 1956: 1500 (111 produced)