The Lagonda Engineering Company was founded in 1899 by Wilbur Adams Gunn, the 2nd son of reverend J.W. Gunn. Wilbur was born in Troy, Ohio in the US at the borders of the Lagonda Creek, now called Buck Creek in Springfield. Wilbur moved to the UK in 1891 and founded the Lagonda Motor Company in 1904. The Company moved to Staines in 1906. In 1909 the first car for the brand was launched. It was equiped with the 10 hp water cooled 2-cylinder engine that was replaced in 1911 by Lagondas own development, the 30 hp 6-cylinder Torpedo. 1913 was an important year for Lagonda. Lagonda Ltd. was founded and became a serious car manufaturer with, for that period, serious production figures. Due to too much development and too many models and not enough sales, Lagonda was in a permanent battle to survive. The same was in fact applicable for Bentley, Aston Martin and Invicta. In a constant struggle for life, Lagonda managed to build cars up until 1940 when WW2 started. The total quantity of cars produced from 1925 onwards was 3625 Lagondas and 515 Rapiers.

Lagonda as a brand disappeared in 1947, when it was bought by David Brown and incorporated in the brand Aston Martin Lagonda.


  • 1906 – 1913: 20
  • 1911 – 1913: 30
  • 1913 – 1921: 11
  • 1920 – 1923: 11.9
  • 1923 – 1926: 12 and 12/24
  • 1925 – 1933: 14/60 and 2 Ltr. Speed
  • 1926 – 1930: 16/65
  • 1928 – 1934: 3 Ltr.
  • 1932 – 1934: 16/80
  • 1933 – 1938: Rapier
  • 1935:               M45 and 3.5 Ltr.
  • 1936 – 1937: LG45
  • 1938 – 1940: LG6 and V12


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