Post-War Classics @ LMB

Classic car restoration

Although working with pre-war cars is our prime focus, many of our customers also own post-war classics like Jaguar E-type, Jaguar MK V, Aston Martin DB2, Austin Healey and many others.

Next to pre-war cars, thanks to our skills and experience we are able to take care of these type of cars. High end classic car brands like Jaguar, Austin Healey and Aston Martin for example, are cars we very much like to work on and if a customer brings in a very exotic car, we cooperate with a brand specialist to deliver the proper end result.

We recently restored a Jaguar E-type 1.5 Series to it’s former glory with a lot of upgraded parts sourced via one of our partners.

You are invited to discuss with us the possibility to take care of your post-war classic.