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Alvis 4.3L Drophead Coupe by Charlesworth – Only 2 built

Born in 1921 the Alvis Car & Engineering Company Ltd (Coventry, England) was always a small but quality-oriented manufacturer. In the late thirties, their upmarket range, Speed 20, Speed 25 and other variants, was continuously developed and improved, benefiting from high reputation among the "cognoscenti". However, despite their quality, the company's small size and fragile finances led to the number of such cars annually manufactured to be a fraction of the volume of their main competitor in the sporting luxury vehicle market, Bentley with their slightly more expensive offerings. Their other competitor in that limited market was Lagonda but their prices were even higher than Bentley's and production volume was lower than that of Alvis.

Alvis introduced in 1937 a more refined and more powerful successor to the "Speed" range: the "4.3 L". It turned out to be the last commercial development for the company prior to World War II as it ceased to manufacture motorcars in 1940. It came back to the market after the war with well-made prestigious vehicles (the Duke of Edinburgh and Prince Bernard of the Netherlands were amongst their clients).
The story came to an end in the sixties with the closing of their civilian vehicles division but the Alvis Company continued a profitable business as supplier of armoured vehicles to the British Army.

This "4.3 L" vehicle is one of only two built in 1937-38 with a DHC (convertible) body by coachbuilders Charlesworth. The other one, currently owned by a Dutch gentleman, has been in the USA for several years. The “4.3 L” was, in its time, one of the few non-racing vehicles capable of exceeding “the ton”, i.e. a speed of 100 mph. This with many trappings of luxury: central greasing system, multiple hydraulic jacks, etc. all leading to significant weight despite extensive use of aluminium. Although using a traditional wooden frame structure, the Alvises of the time were in many ways technically advanced with a well-designed braking system (albeit mechanical), independent front suspension and fully synchronised gearbox.

This beautiful Alvis 4.3 L DHC is a unique car as only 2 drophead coupes have been made by Charlesworth. Finished in a 2 color scheme of Blue and with a magnificient interior, this car is a true masterpiece.

The car has been built for Mrs. Follet, residing in London. The car is matching with chassis nr. 14305 and engine number 14768.

The engine, type 31.48, 6 cylinder in line, 4,3 L and fitted with 3 SU carbs, has been completely rebuilt recently.

New wiring all over, new interior, new paint, rebuilt suspension, rebuilt brakes, original synchronized gearbox. All has been done over the last years.

Original docs, registration paper, building sheet, invoices and a lot of history docs are included

Since complete restoration, very few miles have been driven with the car.


Production year:
dark / light blue
Chassis nr.:
Engine nr.:
6 Cylinder 4.3L with 3 SU carbs
synchronized 4 speed Alvis box