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SOLD: Simca Super 8 Cabriolet 1950 – Pininfarina

Simca first appeared in 1934, making Fiat cars under license in their factory at Nanterre which had previously produced the Donnet cars. For many years the fortunes of Simca were closely linked to those of the tuning wizard Amédée Gordini and many competition successes were achieved including class wins in the 1949-50 Alpine and Monte Carlo rallies in the hands of drivers such as Jean Behra and Johny Claes.
The Simca 8 Sports Coupé made its debut in 1949 and was shown at Earls Court in 1950 in convertible and fixed-head form; the latter had an aluminum body made under license from Pininfarina by Facel Métallon who later became known for their work with the Facel Vega car. It was a handsome car which attracted a great deal of attention. In this form it was fitted with a 1221cc Simca engine developing 50 hp with a quoted top speed of 85 mph.
The car for sales has been found in the USA. Apparently the car was bought after the war by a US soldier and taken with him to the US.
The car is still with the original interior, cabrio top and has as far as we see, has never been repainted.
The new owner can decide only to do the necessary mechanical works and drive the car as is, or have it completely restored.
Both ways it will a highly attractive car which will attract a lot of attention.