The interior of a car means the finishing touch to your vehicle. It’s important to fit your interior to the way your car looks. If your car needs a new interior, LMB can offer guidance to help you choose the perfect interior for your car. We are not specialised in producing interiors ourselves, but we are working with the best classic interior companies around. Together we develop a high quality interior that matches perfectly to the identity of your car.

Paint jobs

We can do partial or full paint jobs for your car. We cooperate with painters, who specialise in classic car paint jobs. These kind of paint jobs are very different from the ones of modern cars. Other types of paint are used and since most classic cars are made out of steel the methods for painting a classic car are unique.

Rolling road

Our fully computer controlled rolling road dynamometer is state of the art. This piece of equipment  is able to simulate any/every engine load or offload condition possible. It can even measure your transmission.


We have modern covered transport vehicles that enable us to offer safe and flexible transportation of your vehicle from anywhere in Europe to our workshop in Belgium. This means we can pick up – or deliver your vehicle and transport it to our workshop in Belgium if you don’t have the possibility of your own transport.


We can store and maintain your car in our showroom. Our showroom offers room for around 20 cars.

Race and Rally preparation

For many years we have built and prepared cars four our customers to race and participate in all kinds of rally’s, like Mille Miglia or Paris-Peking. We also provide assistance services to help you out at any moment.

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